Expert Project Management Delivering Sustainable Business Results

Your Project Development Specialists

ND Ventures is a unique specialist project management company that brings together all the essential pieces to create a successful project for all the stakeholders involved. ND Ventures’ success is based on the team of experts, proven project execution methodologies, expert tools and systems, specialist partnerships and the appropriate level of governance considering all stakeholders.

Our CIPE approach strategically integrates the different business, engineering, operations and project management perspectives through all the project stages. We combine global project development expertise with the local knowledge to craft successful execution strategies to deliver sustainable business results for our customers.

Combined, the ND Ventures team members have over US $40 billion Total Installed Cost (TIC) worth of project experience in global locations.



Integrated Approach: NDV is an integrated solution provider harnessing specialist expertise to deliver a risk-mitigated and sustainable solution to customers. NDV plans, executes, monitor and control all the project activities to obtain the best deal and resources for the project. Critical Integrated Planning and Execution (CIPE) planning covering the business, operations, engineering, design and project management perspectives.

Experienced Team: Our team has over USD 40 billion global functional experience delivering projects on almost every continent and in a variety of industries. Our personnel have decades of hands-on industrial, petrochemical, chemical and energy development experience in all areas of development, operations, shutdowns and operational support in facilities and projects.

Right Partners, Suppliers and Contractors: NDV is able to orchestrate with partners, suppliers and customer preferential contractors to do the best practical design, build, operate and transfer of facilities or any combinations of such approaches to benefit customers.

Our Services Include

Project Delivery

Deliver projects and provides project management consultation and capabilities. Board, financier, investor and executive-level support and oversight.


From startup to sustainable operations. Support including business planning, HR, and finance. Business reviews, portfolio, and trend analysis.


ND Ventures provides technology reviews for new emerging technologies and supports commercialization.

Who We Work With


ND Ventures caters to international organizations that require the local knowhow and expertise with a need for selected services in key areas, as well as smaller organizations that do not have the resources to deliver projects internally.


ND Ventures can help commercialize technologies aimed to solve challenges in petrochemical, energy, and resource sectors. Inventors benefit by going through our Stage Gate Approach and Critical Integrated Project Execution Process.


ND Ventures has built relationships all over the world with experts in a variety of industries. Joining our supplier and partner community has been mutually beneficial as we work together to make our clients successful.


ND Ventures Ltd., has completed an analysis of Natural Gas markets at a macro level to aid in development of Cerilon’s Energy Portfolio. This report reviews global LNG market dynamics and its subsequent impact on North American price forecasts. Please contact the authors for a copy of the full report.